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The C|T Group offers clients a unique one stop campaign shop including research, intelligence, communications campaigns, financial PR, digital engagement, creative execution and political counsel.



Founded in 2002, C|T Australasia is the region’s leading campaign consultancy, providing advanced polling research, powerful targeted analysis and strategic advice.

With unparalleled insights into the highest levels of politics, business, capital markets and the media, C|T is trusted by prime ministers, premiers, opposition leaders and CEOs.

The team’s decades of campaign experience, combined with their trademark research skills and a deep understanding of values-based communication, have been deployed with great success for corporate and political clients across the world.


C|T|F Partners is the creation of campaign strategists Sir Lynton Crosby, Mark Textor and Mark Fullbrook. Founded in 2010, it is the UK’s leading campaign consultancy, combining cutting-edge research, high-level strategic advice and the latest tools in digital engagement.

Having delivered election success across multiple countries, at the very highest levels of politics, C|T|F knows the impact of timely information and the need to identify and focus resources. This is pivotal in everything that it does.

Applying hard-won lessons from decades of political campaigning, the team are specialists in advising major companies in how to position themselves to ensure they are integral to government decision-making, as well as providing calm strategic counsel in high-pressure situations.

Whether winning elections for prime ministers, or helping the world’s leading businesses stay ahead, C|T|F Partners offers clients an unparalleled range of experience and an unrivalled record of success.


Overseen by Eugene Curley CMG OBE from London, C|T|F Solutions was established in October 2014 to provide bespoke advice and support for clients faced with investment choices which cannot be maximised through traditional professional services.

C|T|F Solutions uses a range of tailored discovery, polling and strategic communications tools that have previously been applied in M&A deals, investments in new markets, complex litigation, hostile threats from competitors or unreasonable demands from foreign governments. C|T|F Solutions operates globally with expertise in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America.

Staple offerings provide clients with an ‘intelligence diagnostic’ on its particular situation. These are carried out by specialised teams who strive to give their clients greater situational awareness and insights into the drivers, motivations and any undisclosed relationships or aspects of the key entities with whom the clients are engaged.


Led by Jon de Jager FCA in London, C|T|F Private specialises in facilitating access to international financial institutions, as well as simplifying and managing complex transactions on behalf of private individuals and families.

C|T|F Private have an in-depth knowledge of international trust structures, corporate finance and complex financing solutions. The team can also help its varied client base supplement their private offices or advisory networks with specialist advice when exceptional circumstances arise.

Using an extensive network built up over many years in the industry, C|T|F Private is able to navigate the ever-changing financing, structuring and regulatory landscape that private individuals rarely want to deal with themselves.


Based in Washington D.C., C|T|F Global is the newest addition to the C|T Group. C|T|F Global can provide the full range of Group services to clients with interests in the US market: both those looking to secure opportunities in the US, and US-based organisations wanting to establish or consolidate their presence overseas.

The C|T|F Global team draws on a deep heritage of successful, research-driven campaigns across the world to help clients fulfill their objectives.

And thanks to the Group’s longstanding relationships in the UK and Europe, C|T|F Global offers unrivalled expertise for organisations that need strategic advice on how best to position themselves as the UK prepares to exit from the European Union.


C|T|F Communications, based in London and managed by Chris Blackhurst, offers the full range of strategic corporate communications support to clients across the private and listed spheres. Founded in August 2013, it is C|T|F Partners’ dedicated financial and corporate public relations division.

The C|T|F Communications team are renowned for their experienced and discreet senior counsel and ability to deliver successful media strategies and campaigns based on world-beating research and a wide network of media contacts.

The team has over 80 years’ experience combined and has successfully guided clients through a wide range of communications challenges across the financial services industry, as well as in sectors including real estate, infrastructure, industrials, energy, and professional services.


C|T Corporate Advisory provides strategic counsel and transactional advice for companies operating at the intersection of business and public policy.

The C|T CA team, which combines expertise in finance, legal services, international trade, infrastructure, property, and project management, have a unique understanding of what government wants to achieve from a transaction, ensuring clients are in a superior position when dealing with government or preparing for a public bid.

The team also offer support to companies interested in cross-border opportunities, where an in-depth knowledge of the political and regulatory landscapes in each location is vital.

Their ability to tap the full spectrum of C|T Group capabilities means clients have access to a comprehensive advisory service, including deal origination, community opinion polling, deal/bid management, political advice and communications support.


Canberra Liaison is the C|T Group’s specialist government and political affairs consultancy, based in the Australian capital.

The team provide strategic government relations advice and bespoke campaign counsel across a wide range of industries and sectors.

As part of the Group’s expanding reach in Australia and around the globe, Canberra Liaison offers an unparalleled understanding of the processes of government and politics at the federal level. These insights are coupled with the C|T Group’s cutting-edge research and campaign experience to provide solutions on increasingly complex policy and political issues.


London-based C|T|F Local brings C|T Group’s world-leading research techniques and campaign discipline to the real estate sector.

Led by Gavin Stollar, the C|T|F Local team advises and supports clients across all asset classes, including strategic land, residential/commercial property, retail and major developments and infrastructure.

As planning and development becomes ever more complex, C|T|F Local provides clients with in-depth and real time understanding of their situation coupled with a clear strategy to help them achieve their objectives.

Using our unique quantitative and qualitative research techniques and proprietary campaign methodology, C|T|F Local is uniquely placed to provide clients with actionable insights to successfully navigate the political landscape while ensuring communities receive accurate information and their opinions are heard.


Led by Damian McMeekin, Sydney-based C|T Intelligence & Insight provide first-class business intelligence, litigation support, due diligence and issue resolution services for companies faced with complex or high-risk situations.

C|T I&I have a global capability, with particular expertise in the Asia Pacific and Australasian regions. Like the rest of the Group, their focus is on providing actionable insight: not just what’s happening but why it’s happening and what can be done about it.

Working in close collaboration with the London based C|T|F Solutions team and the Group’s other service channels, they draw on an unparalleled global network of contacts and sources to ensure their clients are armed with the answers they need to emerge on top.


C|T Vinson are experts in helping legal teams, presenters and advocates make their case in the most effective possible way.

Guided by Dr Don Vinson, widely considered the “founding father” of litigation science in the US, we have assisted governments and companies with some of their most high-profile and high-stakes disputes.

C|T Vinson draws on proven insights from the social sciences to help our clients understand the underlying cognitive processes of key decision-makers such as judges or arbitration panels: how they think and why. Based on this knowledge, we then advise clients on how to communicate in a way that works with and not against their audience’s perceptual framework.

Our services include audience profiling, messaging testing, visual evidence testing, witness evaluation and arbitration/trial simulation.

We are not lawyers and do not seek to duplicate their role. Instead we provide our clients and their legal advisers with a powerful set of tools that can give them the edge in complex and risky disputes where the costs of failure are unacceptably high.


C|T New Zealand is the latest addition to the C|T Group opening for Business in January 2019. Based in Auckland under the management of Tim Hurdle, C|T NZ provides research-based advice and campaigns to New Zealand corporates and industry bodies.

The team have decades of experience acquired at the highest levels of NZ business and government. They can provide strategic counsel with particular expertise in government relations, policy and infrastructure issues.

They are highly skilled at using public opinion research into actionable insights their clients need to win. They can advise on all aspects of campaign design and delivery.

C|T New Zealand consolidates the Group’s status as Australasia’s leading campaign and advisory firm, offering clients in the region an unmatched network, capability and reach.


C|T Reputational Technologies, led by Angus Champion de Crespigny, is the newest business within C|T Group. C|T Reputational Technologies was established to provide our clients with leading edge digital, cybersecurity and analytics capabilities to support the achievement of their desired outcomes.

Working in concert with the full capabilities of C|T Group’s businesses, C|T Reputational Technologies brings practical insights to how to best protect the reputation and systems of our clients, how to direct the right messages to the right people, and how to gather actionable insights across the entire digital domain.

With the rapid pace of change in technology, opportunities and risks can shift daily. C|T Reputational Technologies leverages leading technology and research to help our clients capture these opportunities and protect against risks.

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