We are the campaign specialists

Research. Strategies. Results.

The C|T Group offers clients a unique one stop campaign shop including research, intelligence, communications campaigns, financial PR, digital engagement, creative execution and political counsel.

We seek results for our clients not headlines for ourselves. All information about our clients is treated in strictest confidence. We will never disclose their names and we will never publicly discuss our work.

Specialist Skills


The C|T Group believes in providing answers, not just information. A successful campaign knows which audience will decide the outcome, where they are, what they think and how to communicate with them. This is why cutting-edge opinion research is at the heart of our business.

Traditional research approaches will tell you what people think, the C|T Group’s method is to find out why they think it. These insights allow us to create values-based campaign strategies that are rooted in fact and are emotionally resonant with our clients’ target audiences.

Our research-driven approach has been successfully deployed in campaigns across the globe, whether in national elections, corporate positioning, complex financial transactions or brand architecture development.

The research services we offer include:

• Public opinion polling
• Focus groups and in-depth interviewing
• Corporate image and brand research
• Financial transactions research
• Shareholder research
• Employee and workplace culture research
• Telephone and online canvassing


A PR agency will recommend press releases and individual journalist briefings. An advertising agency will recommend above-the-line advertising. A digital engagement specialist will recommend Facebook and Twitter. But how do these tactics interact?

The C|T Group is not limited to any particular communications channel. Instead we integrate them all into powerful, disciplined campaigns which change minds, not just headlines.

Drawing on sophisticated research tools and our rich political heritage, we ensure our clients have the right message, target audience, leadership positioning and communication tools to achieve a winning campaign strategy, whether at the ballot box or in the boardroom.

The campaign services we offer include:

• Campaign strategy
• Campaign messaging
• Counsel and advice for business leaders, party leaders and candidates
• Political engagement
• Direct marketing
• Local events and community engagement

Strategic Counsel

In an environment where leaders face increased competition, intense public scrutiny and an accelerated news cycle, the C|T Group offers practical advice to help, not just to please.

Using techniques honed over many years of working with prime ministers, opposition leaders and CEOs, we provide the strategic counsel that our clients rely on to help solve their problems.

In addition, the C|T Group are specialists in advising clients faced with investment choices that do not lend themselves to support from traditional professional services. We advise on all aspects of non-financial risk to help our clients navigate complexity, uncertainty and volatility.

Using proven, intelligence-led diagnostic techniques, our immensely experienced international team are able to provide expert decision-making support to clients. Once we have clarified their options, we can help them implement their chosen course of action.

The strategic counsel services we offer include:

• Government relations
• Intelligence gathering and intelligence diagnostics
• Regulatory approval
• Crisis management
• CEO speeches

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