One of the most powerful PR firms in the world.

The Observer, 2 December 2012

Whenever David Cameron’s in trouble, he brings Crosby…they know Crosby is a winner.

BBC Newsnight, 1 August 2014

…It is about the voters, it is about the hopes and the fears and the dreams of the people that we mean to serve and we want to serve, and it is your insight into that, it is Crosby|Textor|Fullbrook’s insight into that that makes you so stunningly successful.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, July 2015

…Referred to as the Wizard of Oz in the UK, Mr Crosby is regarded as one of the most powerful political operators in the country.

SBS Australian broadcaster, 8 May 2015

The support and advice given by the C|T|F team was the only reason we managed to solve the problems we faced. I have no hesitation recommending their unique private polling research driven approach to problem solving to anyone faced with a challenge that traditional methods have failed to overcome.

CEO of a major telecommunications company, September 2014

You and your colleagues continue to surpass our expectations. I have been in the business a long time but I haven’t seen any firm nearly as effective as C|T|F.

Senior Partner of a leading US law firm, June 2015

Quite frankly, the most efficient, impactful and game changing work that I have seen in [Washington] D.C.

Head of Global Commercial Development of a biotechnology company, July 2018

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